The world is moving very quickly.  Internet of Things implementations are being used by Organizations around the world to improve their Operational Excellence and create unique Market Differentiation.  Here are some important statistics to consider from a survey of over 260 companies implementing IoT:

  • 62% found it increased customer responsiveness
  • 58% say it increased internal collaboration
  • 54% indicated it increased their market insights
  • Over 50% experienced increased employee connectivity

Other important business survey results show that Organizations who use Data Driven Decision Making (e.g. Big Data analysis) have demonstrated:

  • An increase of company productivity from 4%-6%.
  • Increased Return on Assets
  • Increases in Return on Equity
  • Improved Asset Utilization
  • Increased Market Value

The IoTaudit team has found one thing to be absolutely true – The Internet of Things will have a dramatic impact on your organization. The question is will it be a positive impact because you implemented IoT?  Or negatively because your competition implemented IoT?   You need to implement your IoT – Quickly, Cost-effectively,  and Correctly the first time.  Using the IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite will insure you realize these goals.

Here’s what the IoTaudit is designed to help you answer:

  1. Which areas of my Business Performance do I want to Optimize?
  2. How can I leverage the Internet of Things for my Company?
  3. Which types of Sensors, Networks, and Software do I need?
  4. What Process and Tools can I use the make these IoT decisions?
  5. What do I need to know?
  6. What mistakes must I avoid?
  7. How do I calculate the Return on Investment for IoT?
  8. If I wait on IoT, what are the implications for my business?
  9. How do I leverage IoT information to create the actions that will improve my target business performance optimization areas?

Who finds value in the IoTaudit Tools?

– A Harvard Business Review  survey suggested the top 3 influencers that impact IoT deployment success are:

  • 59% Senior Management
  • 51% Business Units
  • 44% for IT

– „These business groups and Senior Leaders across all organizations who must understand IoT fundamentals and the strategic importance of IoT in their Business Plans.

„- IT organizations looking to enable their business units by bringing IoT into Big Data analysis.

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