Plan your Internet of Things Scuccess

Before you commit funds to an IoT implementation, you need to create a plan to realize a successful IoT implmentation. Use the IoTaudit to define your IoT Target Outcome and create your Strategy Map that details the attributes of a successful project.

Where Do I Start?

The best way to get started is to watch the 3-part IoTaudit Introductory Webinar series shown below on this home page. After that you can watch the entire 10 part IoTaudit Training videos on the Videos page.

IoTaudit System Single User

/IoTaudit System Single User

IoTaudit System Single User


The IoTaudit System is the world’s #1 Internet of Things Planning Tool Suite and  was designed to help answer the following questions:

1 – Which areas of my Business Performance do I want to Optimize?
2 – How can I leverage the Internet of Things for my Company?
3 – Which types of Sensors, Networks, and Software do I need?
4 – What Process and Tools can I use the make these IoT decisions?
5 – What do I need to know?
6 – What mistakes must I avoid?
7 – How do I calculate the Return on Investment for IoT?
8 – If I wait on IoT, what are the implications for my business?

The IoTaudit System:

  • Identifies your Key Business Drivers for IoT
  • Creates your IoT Target Outcome, IoT Strategy Map and IoT Implementation Task Plan
  • Excel-based IoT planning and modeling tools
  • Utilizes a powerful planning framework call the BEST System
  • Utilizes over 100 Internet of Things Applications and 20 IoT Data Analysis Functions
  • Assists with the creation of a a Successful IoT Business Plan
  • Useful for IoT End-Users and IoT Manufacturers

Product Description

The IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite is used by Organizations around the world to plan their successful Internet of Things deployments. The IoTaudit will help you avoid costly mistakes by choosing the correct IoT technology, network architecture, data analysis tools and implementation methods. The IoTaudit System contains

  1. Ten Educational Videos on IoT technology, business drivers and planning tools
  2. The IoTaudit Excel-based Workbook that drives your IoT Planning documents
  3. Screencast videos of each IoTaudit spreadsheet
  4. Mind maps on IoT applications and data analysis
  5. Reference materials for IoT technology selection and Integration Partners
  6. 150 Page Binder for desktop reference

All this for less than the cost of a simple Internet of Things market research report.


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