The IoTaudit System: Techniques, Tools and Technologies Explained

The IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite is the most powerful way to plan your Internet of Things success.  The IoTaudit System details the process you will use to create your IoT Target Outcome, Strategy Plan and Tasks Plan. You will used advanced business methodologies and investigation techniques to understand your Business Drivers and financial reasons to implement Internet of Things.  You will Baseline your current situation and understand the Expectations of all your IoT stakeholders.

Under the IoTaudit System breakdown diagram there are 3 Free Introductory videos that explain your entire Internet of Things planning process.

The IoTaudit enables your organization to answer the following questions:

  • Which areas of our Business Performance do we want to optimize?
  • How can we leverage the Internet of Things for our Company?
  • Which types of Sensors, Networks, Cloud Storage, and Software do we need?
  • What Process and Tools can we use the make these IoT decisions?
  • What do we need to know? What must we avoid?
  • How do we calculate the Return on Investment for IoT?
  • If we wait on IoT, what are the implications for our business?
  • How do we leverage IoT to improve our business performance?
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The IoTaudit System Components

  • 10 videos explain how to successfully plan Internet of Things Deployments use all facets of the IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite.
  • Several detailed Mind Map diagrams show the IoTaudit process, IoT Applications and the IoT reference model.
  • The IoTaudit Excel-based IoTaudit Assessment Workbook is what you will use to drive your investigation and analysis processes. The output of the Assessment will be your IoT Target Outcome, IoT Strategy Map and IoT Tasks Implementation plan.
  • References are supplied for key Internet of Things concepts, approaches and Vendors of IOT hardware and software.
  • Binder of all the Slides, Mind Maps, Spreadsheet examples and References
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