Create Marketing Differentiation using the IoTaudit System

Product and Services vendors who are often also Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to create competitive differentiation using the Internet of Things.  The key question is: “How do I build successful products and services using IoT?”

The answer is to understand how your customers are going to justify and use Internet of Things in their organizations.  The IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite is designed to help IoT End-users plan high Return on Investment IoT deployments.  That of course is your goal as well – showing your customers how your IoT-enabled solutions have high ROI.

OEMs use the IoTaudit System to create a Voice of the Customer set of Internet of Things product/service requirements.  The IoTaudit provides a VOC collection framework through the following steps:

  1. Identify the End-user customer areas of business performance to be optimized.
  2. Document the customers’ IoT Target outcome by identifying: the area to be optimized, current situation/value, target situation/value, target project duration and the target financial return. (Just the process of discussing these areas with your target customers will put you miles ahead of your competition)
  3. Identify the customer Pain-points to be solved by your product/service – this is Marketing 101 but very seldom done well.
  4. Document the Market Drivers affecting your customer that would lead them to your IoT solution
  5. Baseline your Customer’s current situation
  6. Identify the Expectations of various Customer IoT stakeholders. Internet of Things deployments affect many organizations.
  7. Help your Customers construct an IoT Strategy Map that is centered on your IoT-enabled offerings.
  8. Layout your Customers’ IoT Implementation Tasks Plan that includes your solutions (always good to write the RFP/RFQ).
  9. Create winning Customer Business Cases with high ROI, NPV and IRR.

More information on the IoTaudit System can be found here >>

Download the IoTaudit System Datasheet for Product, Services and OEM companies here >> 

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