IoT Application Success using the IoTaudit System

The IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite is a robust Internet of Things planning tool created for Organizations who are committed to creating a business case and implementation plan for how IoT might optimize the performance of some key area of their business. These areas might include: Operations, Building Controls, Supply Chain, Asset Management, Safety and Security, Regulatory Compliance, New Products and Services, or Customer Experience. Therefore, our clients are committed to spending quality time (3 days to 3 weeks) working through the entire IoTaudit Assessment Tool Suite. The IoTaudit tool is designed to insure a high quality detailed Internet of Things Strategy Map and Implementation plan the first time through the process. Using the IoTaudit will save you thousands in misguided planning and potentially hundreds of 1000’s in failed IoT implementation.

The IoTaudit instructional videos are provided to walk you through the IoTaudit Framework and the Assessment Tools in a step-by-step fashion. This can be a truly Do-It-Yourself process.

The IoTaudit Team expects support you through the process with two Consulting conference calls – the first call after you view the videos and are ready to begin the IoTaudit Assessment and have created your IoT Target Outcome. The second call is when you have created your Strategy Map and IoT Implementation Plan.

When to Use IOTaudit Consulting Services

There may be times you need to accelerate your IoT implementation efforts. This can be accomplished by utilizing the expertise of the IoTaudit Consulting Team.

There are three different methods of IoTaudit Consulting delivery:

  1. Video conferences with live conversations and shared screens working through the IoTaudit.
  2. On-site 2, 3, or 4-day intensive workshop to interview, strategize, document and complete the IoTaudit.
  3. A combination of both collaboration techniques – which is especially useful in multi-site IoT Deployments.

Why use IoTaudit Consulting?

The world is moving very quickly. Internet of Things implementations are being used by Organizations around the world to improve their Operational Excellence and create unique Market Differentiation. Here are some important statistics to consider from a survey of over 260 companies implementing IoT:

  • 62% found it increased customer responsiveness
  • 58% say it increased internal collaboration
  • 54% indicated it increased their market insights
  • Over 50% experienced increased employee connectivity

The Internet of Things will have a dramatic positive impact on your organization – You need to implement your IoT – Quickly, Cost-effectively, and Correctly the first time. Using IoTaudit Consulting will insure you realize these goals.

Each IoTaudit Consulting engagement is determined by the unique needs of each of our Clients. The following factors are taken into account:

  • Client familiarity with Internet of Things technology
  • The results of the Client’s IoT Readiness Assessment Report
  • The nature of the Client’s IoT Target Outcome – Area, Values, Date, Return.
  • Client’s organizational structure
  • Client’s geographic locations (one site local vs. many sites global)
  • Whether the Client is an IoT End-User or an OEM selling IoT-based solutions to their customers (who are End-Users)
  • Complexity of the IoT Strategy Map and Tasks implementation plan
  • Client’s resources and skill sets concerning – Sensors, Network, Cloud, Software Applications and Data Sciences
  • The nature and levels of Infrastructure Data, Operational Intelligence and Business Intelligence required.

We can jump-start your Internet of Things deployment. Please contact us using this form below so we can work together to assemble your optimal IoTaudit Consulting approach.

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