Plan your Internet of Things Scuccess

Before you commit funds to an IoT implementation, you need to create a plan to realize a successful IoT implmentation. Use the IoTaudit to define your IoT Target Outcome and create your Strategy Map that details the attributes of a successful project.

Where Do I Start?

The best way to get started is to watch the 3-part IoTaudit Introductory Webinar series shown below on this home page. After that you can watch the entire 10 part IoTaudit Training videos on the Videos page.

FAQ Page

/FAQ Page

Creating an Internet of Things is an important and expensive undertaking for any company looking to leverage the power of IoT.  The IoTaudit has been created to insure that our Clients utilize IoT technologies to solve pressing business problems.  The key is avoid making the following mistakes:

  1. No clear Target Outcome agreed to by the Team.
  2. Jumping into implementation before planning.
  3. Not collecting important baseline information.
  4. Incorrectly assessing the degree of difficulty, costs, time and personnel skills required for IoT success.
  5. Not understanding the expectations of all stakeholders.
  6. Poorly constructed Strategy Map.
  7. Incomplete project plan with no single accountabilities.
  8. Not tying the IoT implementation to Key Performance Indicators which in turn leads to lackluster Business Performance Optimization outcomes.

What are the contents of the IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite?

What results should I expect from the IoTaudit?

There are 10 educational videos that provide the background and purpose for each of the IoTaudit Framework components Assessment Workbook sections.  Also there are Screencast Videos for each of the Workbook sections that describes the intent of the various fields and input options. All the videos on on the IoTaudit Client Site along with other materials.

Is there Internet of Things market intelligence in the IoTaudit?


The IoTaudit Assessment Workbook is a password protected multi-tab Excel Spreadsheet.  Each tab is dedicated to an IoTaudit Phase.  The IoT spreadsheets are specially designed to walk our clients through the process and make data entry easy.  The IoTaudit Assessment Workbook is a smart workbook that uses code to automate information transfer forward into other sections. The idea is to rapidly create your IoT Strategy Map and IoT Implementation Tasks Plan.