Create IoT Consumer and Connected Home Products the IoTaudit System

The IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite was designed around the requirements of Internet of Things End-Users. IoT is a means to an end – how to give infrastructure a voice so that specific areas of business performance can be optimized. The key to IoT deployment success is to use a structured planning methodology that is centered on a business results focused outcome. The IoT System is exactly that planning tool suite.

As an IoT End-user the IoTaudit is designed to help you answer these important questions:

  • Which areas of my Business Performance do I want to Optimize?
  • How can I leverage the Internet of Things for my Company?
  • Which types of Sensors, Networks, and Software do I need?
  • What Process and Tools can I use the make these IoT decisions?
  • What do I need to know?
  • What mistakes must I avoid?
  • Which IoT solutions will produce the greatest Return on Investment?
  • If I wait on IoT, what are the implications for my business?
  • How do I leverage IoT information to create the actions that will improve my target business performance optimization areas?

Using the IoTaudit our End-user Clients avoid these 8 key IoT mistakes that drive project failure:

  1. No clear IoT Target Outcome agreed to by the Team.
  2. Jumping into implementation before planning.
  3. Not collecting important baseline information.
  4. Incorrectly assessing the degree of difficulty, costs, time and personnel skills required for IoT success.
  5. Not understanding the expectations of all stakeholders.
  6. Poorly constructed Strategy Map.
  7. Incomplete project plan with no single accountabilities.
  8. Not tying the IoT implementation to Key Performance Indicators which in turn leads to lackluster Business Performance Optimization outcomes.

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