How Do I Increase my Company’s Profitability by Using the Internet of Things?

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IoT Market Dynamics and Planning Requirements

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IoT Baseline and Expectations Analysis

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Create IoT Strategy Map and IoT Tasks Plan

Creating your Optimal Internet of Things Deployment

The IoTaudit System creates a plan for your  IoT Sensors, Gateways, Networks, Cloud Storage and Application Software that will drive your Business Performance Optimization.  The IoTaudit incorporates the IoT Reference Model shown below .

Sensors/Day Deployed
Companies Using IoT
Companies using Big Data
$Trillion IoT Economic Impact by 2024

IoTaudit Will Save you Time, Money, Frustration and Reputation

The IoTaudit Framework and Tool Suite is the best way to plan a successful Internet of Things Implementation. There are 4 main IoTaudit Components: 10 Instructional Videos on IoT Economics, Technology and Deployment issues, IoT Application maps, the IoTaudit Excel-based Assessment and Planning workbook with 16 detailed spreadsheets to create your plan, and IoT Reference materials and vendor information.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Plan

the IoTaudit is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our Clients and integrate their insights and feature requests on a regular basis. The IoTaudit Framework and Tools Suite is not only built by us, but also by our Clients.

“This is the Planning Tool I have ever seen.”

“This is the most comprehensive Internet of Things Planning package I have ever seen. I am a full time Corporate Strategic Analyst, and the IoTaudit is really amazing. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. We are looking forward to successfully implementing our IoT deployment! I think you thought of everything and then some. Thank you so much for these tools” – Cliff S, an Industrial Controls company

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